Our Policy


Socks are a basic consumable based on taste and are directly exposed to social effects. These effects are composed of the following elements:

  • Fashion
  • Personal choices
  • Social profile
  • Level of need
  • Frequency of use

One of the basic conditions of being able to exist in the market is to know the effects of these factors on consumer preferences and to make sure production, marketing and sales processes can be managed and conform to these preferences. The marketing process must be able to perceive social effects and develop the relevant solutions. Establishment of market and customer segments, identification of product and marketing-sales policies as relevant, and branding and product development work must be conducted in order to understand and manage social effects.


Tüter Socks has grown by regularly investing in technology over the years. Machines and equipment at various technological levels are therefore included in the existing production system. This has enabled providing production diversity and flexibility.
Regularly following technological developments and including them in Tüter Çorap through medium and long term plans is one of the keys to the healthy growth of the institution. One of the most important issues here is that acquiring the technology is not enough by itself and the human resources that will use this technology also need to be adequately competent. One of the important tasks of the human resource unit to be established will therefore be to increase the staff competence regarding the use of technology.

Another critically important technology-related issue for Tüter Çorap is digital transformation and making developments related to Industry 4.0. A comprehensive technological transformation plan will be put forth to digitize and autonomize existing institutional work processes. One of the most important tasks of the R&D unit to be created is to contribute to this technological transformation.


Although the output of the production type that Tüter Çorap is involved in has no direct harm to the environment, the high emission energy used in the production process increases our carbon emission values. In this context, projects related to carbon footprint reduction, fair trade, and energy efficiency have been realized in the past and are also included in this strategic plan to decrease our burden on the environment

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